Re-visioning the Victim Goddess

Of old they said she rose from the dead, and the world rejoiced with spring. Come fall, that fruit she ate forced her descent again.

Today we spin a new story about sex and courage
— about choosing to be whole:

  • Raising our consciousness of the Dark Queen in us — she who is still also the essence of innocence. Marrying the halves of the dichotomy we have made of her; raising our awareness to the dialectic, to the wider paradigm.
  • Acknowledging the dark aspects of sex. When we emerge from our own underworlds, bringing the experience into the light of consciousness. Coming to terms with it, learning from it.
  • Healing the habits of fear and hate. Knowing the danger of trying to get rid of them, instead we include them in a wider awareness.
  • Learning compassion, the antidote to both our cultural obsession with violence and its underside, the victim mindset.

In the climax of this story, we

  • Transform darkness into strength of heart.
  • Reclaim passion’s spiritual joy.

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