How do I deal with how screwed up this all is?  Finding what works requires doggedly watching myself fail, trying to learn from it.

Part II contains these chapters. Click on a chapter to see sample contents:

Chapter 5. Healing the Culture – Some people believe that before you can change the world, you have to work on yourself first. I see it as a chicken-and-egg problem, or as Buddhists say, the two aspects “co-arise.”
Chapter 6. The Art of the Self – Who am I? Who decides? How do I tell the story — or stories?
Chapter 7. Reframing Religion – Let’s have religion embrace all of our spirituality — including our sexuality.
Chapter 8. The Practice of Body – Our bodies, Our… selves? Yes, and more: the basis of our being, the part of Earth which makes us up, the ground from which our energy rises, the parameters /limits of our dance
Chapter 9. Relationship – When [a woman’s] assertion no longer seems dangerous, the concept of relationships changes from a bond of continuing dependence to a dynamic of interdependence. Then the notion of care expands from the paralyzing injunction not to hurt others to an injunction to act responsibly toward self and others and thus to sustain connection. — Carol Gilligan

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