Right Ego

Valerie Saiving, in her 1960 essay “The Human Situation: A Feminine View,” pointed out that the traditional Christian concept of “sin” was based in inappropriate pride: inflated, overweening ego.  And that women did not generally have that problem, but rather a fault of hiding out, avoiding contributing their talents, and demeaning themselves.  Women’s sin is different from men’s sin.

What would be the corrective to “women’s sin”?  Let’s give a twist to the usual translation of Buddhist terminology that lists various activities as “right” (for example right livelihood, right speech), and talk about “Right Ego” as the appropriate way to do the dance of ego.  Yes! the positive way to approach this mess.

Some aspects of Right Ego:

Learning Right Ego
Working with Fear
Boundaries & Limits
Choices, Decisions, True Will
Finding my Music

(The book contains much more.)

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