Changing the Past

At some point in my struggle to walk with Mr. Right, one day I looked back on his first visits, in that recurring dream (which I’d not had, since I decided to walk with him). Something had changed.

No longer was he a threatening, horrible nemesis. He felt like a friend. Dark, yes, dangerous, even scary: but a spiritual ally. And here’s the spooky part: I remembered that I had perceived his beneficence at the very beginning. Even though this was not how I had been remembering him, remembering the dream, up until this very moment!

Not only had my gut feelings about him changed, not only my perception of who he had always been, but even my awareness of how I had experienced him. It was as though I’d been under some curse to misperceive him, to forget he was a guardian spirit, and believe the opposite. When the curse was lifted, I remembered the past differently. In fact, since the past in this case was all inner experience, I had now, by emerging from the spell, changed the past.